Music Booking Services

Singer/songwriter  Mike Bass  at Blue Owl Coffee. Copyright 2017 Tania Watt Creative, LLC.

Singer/songwriter Mike Bass at Blue Owl Coffee. Copyright 2017 Tania Watt Creative, LLC.

Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee, located in the REO Town neighborhood of Lansing, MI, hosts live music every Friday evening starting at 7:30 PM. These shows are free to the public and consist of original music from local and Michigan-based singer/songwriters & bands, as well as other artists passing through on tour, and range from one to two hours in length.

Tania Watt Creative proudly manages the live music offerings at Blue Owl and is always seeking quality artists to add to the schedule.

For available dates, see the complete artist schedule listed on Blue Owl's website at (Fridays where no artist is listed are generally available unless another booking is pending.)

To be considered for a future show, please send me a message via the Contact page, including the following information:

  • Your complete contact information

  • Available dates (or unavailable dates, if easier)

  • Artist bio/brief description of your style and sound

  • Website and social media links

  • Links to your music (audio and/or video)

  • Number of performers

  • Live sound needs (including whether you can furnish your own gear or are requesting anything be provided)

  • Anything else you'd like me to know

Other Venues and Event Hosts

Looking for someone to handle the music booking for your organization or event? I have an extensive network of artist contacts that would love to play for you!

Including live music at your business or event is a great way to build community and create buzz around the other things you are doing. More than just background music, live music is the reason many patrons come out to a restaurant or event to begin with, or stay once they're there – and quality matters.

Great music sets the scene for a positive experience, and keeps people coming back for more, and bringing others with them the next time they visit. The positive word-of-mouth that can occur as a result of these experiences is astonishing and can lead to rapid organic growth. 

However, every artist is not a good fit for every venue or event, just as most general managers and venue/event staff are not in the best position to handle live music booking, as their primary responsibilities are elsewhere and take up the majority of their time and attention. The personality, style, and needs of both the artist and the venue have to be compatible for the magic to happen – and on the venue side, those without a background in music may not know what to look and listen for when evaluating inquiries from a wide range of potential performers – leading missed opportunities, the potential for low-quality bookings, and frustration for all involved. 

That's why it matters to have a dedicated professional on your team, working with you to find the right musicians for your unique space. Knowing the right people and places, having good working relationships with people on both sides of the equation, being able to discern the best fit for each situation, and actually making those connections is something not everybody can do or wants to do. However, it is a set of skills that I have honed over many years through a diverse set of roles, activities, and experiences. 

And, of course, having a budget in place that will attract the right caliber of musicians to your venue is essential, because as with all other things in life and business, you get what you pay for, and anything worth doing is worth doing right. However, once the decision has been made to invest in high-quality music, and your venue becomes known as a consistent place to find it, patrons will gladly return again and again, choosing your venue as "the place to be", and your investment will pay off many times over, fueling happy customers and growth for a long time to come.

If you are interested in getting live music 'right' at your venue and learning more about what a partnership with Tania Watt Creative might look like, please send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!